Nam Cat Tien is by far the most easily accessible part of one of Vietnam’s most important National Parks: situated 150km / 4 hour drive from Ho Chi Minh City. It covers an area of 720 km² and is home to some of the world’s critically endangered wildlife, and today provides one of the last areas of lowland forest in Vietnam. This is where you can really see plants, animals and the conservation efforts being developed to protect them.
Forest Floor Lodge offers a perfect location for visiting the jungle itself and works in partnership with the National Park HQ, to provide interesting treks for bird and mammal watchers, biologists and trekkers who simply wish to experience the jungle at first hand.

Our staff are highly knowledgeable and we help to run an information service on jungle biology and excursions for visitors.

Following the Covid19 outbreak, the extended tours by international travellers typically have been replaced by weekend visits by individuals, families and other small groups. In order to optimise your stay we can offer two standard ‘tour packages’, otherwise you may wish to discuss a number of other available options.

Please contact us for a customized program for you.