Day 1: Mid-day (Saturday) arrival, cross the ferry at Dong Nai river to enter Cat Tien National park, after a 3-4 hour drive from Ho Chi Minh City. Transfer to Forest Floor Lodge, check in and enjoy a light lunch.

15:30 Botanic Garden Trails: an easy path has been cut through a couple of areas of riverine forest, with a wide range of labelled trees species; in more open ground gingers may be in flower during June – September. The path can be excellent for birds and mammals including primates.

19:30 Night Ride: A Park vehicle will take you through the forest to the grass land Nui Tuong, this is the opportunity to see the wild life, the guide will use a spot light to try and spot sambar deer and wild boar feeding at night. There is always the chance to see other animals including: civets, pygmy loris, gaur and nocturnal birds.

Day 2:
08:30: Visit the Wild Animal Rescue Centre after breakfast. The original aim of this centre was to house bears rescued from the illegal bile (traditional medicine) trade, but most of that operation has now been moved to a new site, 3 km away. The Rescue Centre has now become an effective way to see golden-cheeked gibbons and other primates rescued from the pet trade; other frequently rescued animals include palm civets and small-clawed otters. An effective option is to combine this with a Lagerstroemia trail walk to the well-known, enormous ‘tung’ tree (Tetrameles nudiflora) on the way back to the Lodge.

Return to ForestFloorLodge then depart.
Price per person for the itinerary above which includes: English speaking guide and transport as indicated, tickets, leech socks (when needed in the rainy season) and drinking water. (Note: accommodation and meals are not included).